Mima Xari Chassis

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The Xari is where luxury and comfort meet. It provides the perfect blend of agility and protection for your child.The patented mima "carrycot inside" system means that xari can be used either as a carrycot or as a pushchair. The innovative system means that, when not in use, the carrycot is stored inside the seat unit itself. Aided by the cleverly concealed zips, the transformation from carrycot to seat and vice versa takes as little as 15 seconds.


  • Three seat recline angles
  • Two height settings to adjust the seat or carrycot
  • 2 baskets with magnetic lids
  • Highly resistant removable wheels, with sports shoe technology so they never deflate


What's included:

  • Chassis
  • Seat with carrycot inside
  • Canopy
  • Carrycot apron
  • Rain cover

Mima Xari Seat Box and Starter Pack sold separately

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