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Uppababy is one of our favorite stroller companies and very popular with parents today. Here is why:

I mean seriously, have you seen how beautiful and sleek their products are, especially the super stylish 2017 lineup? But we're not just suckers for beauty, uppababy fully delivers on functionality and practicality!

I promise they wont't let you down!

When I had to choose the first stroller for my first child, I researched for months, and test drove so many different strollers. I finally settled on the uppababy vista and I'm so glad I did. The stroller isn't cheap, but you get what you pay for, and it is super high quality. I love the huge basket that allows me to do a full grocery run or over pack like I always do and stick everything I may ever need underneath (for those like me, you'll understand). Another huge bonus, the awesome, extendable SPF 50+ sun canopy, which keeps my super-sensitive-to the sun- child fully protected. Trust me, you don't know what we have to do to our car windows, but with the uppababy strollers, he has never once complained! It comes with a breathable, comfortable bassinet that both my children slept in until four months, so my stroller doubles as baby's nightly sleeping quarters. The seat has so many configurations which can be changed easily and instantly. I love the color options and the materials are beautiful and super easy to clean. the foam filled rubber tires are will take you over all terrains and never need to be filled with air. The all wheel suspension on the stroller is great so that your child won't feel the bumps. The push and the maneuverability is simply amazing. Need more reasons to love this stroller? It can be converted into a double stroller  by simply adding the rumble seat and adapters. It has  so many verasatile seating options, including two carseats, bassinet and seat, or two seats. Now do you see why I'm obsessed? If i had to buy one stroller this is it! It  takes you from newborn to toddler and then converts to a double! And for all this that it serves as I think it is well worth the price. 

Three years and two children later, my stroller still looks brand new and has never had an issue. But just in case you do run into some sort of problem, uppababy has superb customer service!

I also own the uppbaby gluxe. It is a super lightweight stroller that doesn't compromise on style or functionality. We have taken it on airplanes and many travel adventures, and because it fold so small, it always stays in my trunk. It is super comfortable material, which once again comes in so many color options and can be removed to wash or can be wiped down easily. It has a super easy fold and unfold mechanism and has uppababy's signature SPF 50+ extendable canopy. It is a great stroller for on the go!

And in case anyone is looking to buy me a gift this holiday season, I would love the new uppababy cruz 2017. The new materials, color options and leather handle bars and belly bars are so gorgeous and luxurious.It is lighter and more compact than the vista but still has all the conveniences of a full sized stroller, so it easier to travel with. For those who don't need the possibility of converting to a double and the all terrain wheels, it is a superb option! The bassinet can be purchased separately and I think it makes a great travel system together with the uppababy mesa infant car seat.

If I could I would buy all of uppababy's products! If you're looking into any stroller or carseat, check out uppababy's many options! You won't regret it!


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